Minimalism And Functionality In A Unique Piece Of Furniture: Noon Studio’s Steel Stool

We live in a world where time and space are probably the most valuable aspects of our life. That’s why it’s vital for us to preserve them, as much as possible.  We are the only ones responsible for the way we organize our schedule, but things are quite easier regarding the space we live in. If you live in a small apartment, we have two words for you: modular furniture.

February 2014 came up with a unique project created by Noon Studio designers, Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taiani. There are some details that we have to think about when we are looking for a new piece of furniture.

For example, design is very important, but we shouldn’t neglect other fine points like functionality or versatility. Noon Studio designers combined all of these and this is what it came out: a multifunctional steel stool! Apparently it’s just a chair, but looks can be deceiving most of the times.

Several such chairs joined together can form a coffee table or, why not, an ingenious bookshelf. The steel stool can also be used as a magazine rack. The two materials used to create this stool (wood and steel) are harmoniously combined and the no-screw, no-glue system gives you all the freedom you need to use your imagination. It’s almost like playing with Lego!

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Also, we believe that the mixture between wood and steel is very interesting, mainly because wood gives us a warm feeling, while steel is a cold material.

So it’s true, there is nothing more sophisticated than simplicity. What would you need for your living room, a steel stool, a magazine holder, a fancy coffee table or a spectacular bookshelf?



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