McKinley Table

I have small children so I have a thick carpet because I want to protect them against the coldness under their feet. But what I hate most about this thick carpet is the fact that it shows the place where the table feet used to stay for a longer period of time. When I move the furniture, the ugly marks of their feet show up and make me mad. Well, this time I needn’t worry as this beautiful and pretty unusual McKinley Table has only three legs and they are so thin the marks will certainly be barely visible.

This table is manufactured by Thrive Furniture and shows an interesting design. If you ask me, it looks like a boomerang, but apparently the designers intend to follow the ergonomic shape of the human body, so they adjust their furniture design according to this. The dimensions of this table – (Height: 17″, Width: 48″, Depth: 30″) recommend it for more than one person, but as a coffee table, not a dining one. You can sit around it in any way and you can easily move it around the room as you see fit thanks to the thin legs. The table top is made of certified high quality  wood and can be purchased online for $899.

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