Marble Top Side Tables Add Class And Glamour To Everyday Decors

Your every day side table might be very useful and practical to you buy if you want it to also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to the room or, more than that, a focal point, you should look for ways to let it stand out. A marble top can do that. Marble top side tables are a perfect combination of looks and function. Don’t believe us? Check out these great designs.

The Ziggy side table looks beautiful when paired with its matching bench. They’re designed to complement each other, with heights that allow the table to fit perfectly on top of the bench for easy storage but also for comfortable and practical configurations. Further more, the combination of walnut and marble is a very stylish one.

This is the C table you might already be familiar with. It’s basically a side table specially designed to be used while seated on the sofa or armchair. Its shape is meant to let it fit around the typical couch to offer a comfortable working surface for a laptop or a place to rest a sink or snack while watching TV. This particular model is the Script and it’s a marble top side table with a solid ash frame.

The Hex table’s marble top looks even more interesting because of its hexagonal shape. The veins on the marble top make each table unique and different and the clever shape gives it character but also a very practical allure. Several of these tables can be placed side by side to form a larger configuration if needed.

Nesting tables are meant to be practical and versatile and they always are. These round top ones are also very stylish on top of that. They’re made from a combination of marble and antique brass which gives them a refined look. They’re small and designed to fit in small spaces. {found on westelm}.

Some tables stand out from the rest thanks to their form and others have a form that gives them a special appeal. This one is a combination of those factors, featuring a chic and stylish pedestal base in antique brass and a round top covered in white marble. {found on westelm}.

The Marquetry side table has a different way of looking special. Its design puts together a sleek cube base and a mixed marble round top. The contrast is between the base and the top is what makes the table stand out in the first place but then more charm is added by the variations in the marble top.

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It seems that hexagon-shaped table tops are popular and not just because of their geometric and modern look. Giulio Marelli designed an entire series around this concept. The hexagonal tables in this collection come with beautiful marble tops in different colors and can be combination in all sorts of ways to create unique configurations.

These are the Petra tables, a set of beautiful and simple accent pieces that emphasize the pure and raw beauty of solid marble. In a way, they’re sculptures. The tables come in pairs of different sizes and can be used in a way similar to nesting tables that complement each other. Despite their simplicity, they make wonderful focal points.

Although simple, the design of the Trio table is unexpectedly intricate. The focal point is not the round marble top but the wooden base and that’s because of its sculptural structure. The table stands of three legs but not the usual kind. Each leg is attached to another through a horizontal piece. The result is eye-catching and intriguing.

Speaking of tripod tables, here’s another one: Mary’s Side Table. It has a solid hardwood structure with a delicate and elegant form. The smooth and curved corners give the table a sculptural and eye-catching appearance. The design is enhanced by the triangle-shaped marble top.

The metal grid base featured by this sleek side table is actually a defining characteristic of all the pieces in the Riviera collection by designer Roberto Lazzeroni. The series includes an ottoman, a bench and small tables and lamps. They all have metal grid bases. The side table can be repurposed  as an ottoman.

Don’t these beautiful side tables look like fountains waiting for cute little birds to come take a bath? It’s an impression given by their shape. The Fante side table is available with a solid wood, marble or mirrored top. We’re talking about the taller and more slender one. The other, more stubby one, is very cute as well and with very similar design characteristics.

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Part of the Pedestal Collection, the Saarinen side table has a classical design that inspired lots of modern pieces. Its timeless elegance is emphasized by the materials and finishes selected which include marble for the top. With a piece like this you can’t really go wrong, regardless of the decor type.

In case you haven’t made up your mind yet about hexagon-shaped table tops, here’s another example showing you how great and versatile they are. The Hexxed side tables are small and when you put several together you create a beautiful honeycomb pattern which can be adapted to your exact needs and to the configuration of the space. Needless to say that the black marble top looks exquisite.

The beauty of these sleek side tables is in their marble tops. You simply fall in love with them, their unique colors, the veins and the classical and timeless appeal that they have. Add to that the fact that the base is very sleek and slender and you can use these tables by Poliform as accent pieces in a variety of different settings, spaces and decors.

These cute things are designed by Andrea Parisio. They’re the type of accent tables you could add to a living room or the quirky substitute you can use for a nightstand in the bedroom. They’re also great for cozy reading corners or for relaxing terraces and lounge spaces. Pick one for a sophisticated touch or use two or more to create an elegant focal point. Their tops are available in marble and the bases are made of metal.

You can use it as a standalone piece and you also have the option to work with sets. The Iko side table impresses with its sophisticated marble top and a tripod base with very chic gold touches and smooth, rounded edges. Choose the size, height and color that best suites your glamorous decor.

The Joy side tables were designed to match the armchairs in the same collection but they’re very beautiful as standalone pieces too. There’s a new version now which has an oval-shaped top made of marble. The base is simple, made of metal and asymmetrical.



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