Marble-Top Coffee Tables – My New Obsession

Marble is a material with great potential. It looks sophisticated and elegant but, of course, it’s also a little pricey. However, if you opt for items such as a coffee table with a marble top, you get to enjoy the great attributes of the material without having to go through tedious renovations and without having to pay a fortune. So dare to make a statement with one of these beautiful pieces of furniture.

Although more uncommon in spaces such as the living room, marble can integrate beautifully into the décor. Here, for example, it complements the color palette perfectly.

One of the benefits of having a marble top on the coffee table is that you can opt for a simpler design without having to worry that it won’t stand out.

In the case of this particular room, it’s like the brightness of the walls and the elegance of the décor is all reflected in that chic coffee table.

Marble is a very versatile material and it looks just as great in traditional interiors as it does in modern ones. We can safely say it’s a timeless option.

I particularly like the combination of geometric shapes in this living room. The coffee table, the rug, the wall art and everything else seems to be in perfect sync.

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A marble-top coffee table like this one makes a beautiful accent piece for the living room and impresses with both the design and the choice of materials.

Marble as a material can be combined with all sorts of other options. For example, this coffee table has a marble top and a wooden shelf that matches some of the other furniture pieces in the room.

This particular type of marble is usually seen in spaces like the kitchen or the bathroom so it’s actually refreshing to see it in a different environment.

Depending on how the rest of the décor is organized and on the colors used throughout the room, marble features can have different colors and textures.

Simple and chic, this marble-top coffee table brings together the whole room. It complements the décor wonderfully.

A white, serene and tranquil décor like this one can definitely make good use of a material like marble. It’s strong but delicate and very stylish.

The marble coffee table adds a fresh vibe to the décor of this open-plan living area. It also has an unusual design, suited for a modern décor.

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