Make The Most Of Your Bedroom With Hidden Bed Drawers

Every inch of space is valuable in the bedroom, both because you need lots of storage in here and because you want the room to look simple, tranquil and relaxing. So hiding things under the bed or inside the bed frame seems like the perfect option.

There are several ways in which drawers can be integrated into a bed frame. For example, the mattress can sit on a platform with two or more drawers on either side.

Or there can be only one small drawers for small things like books or magazines which you hide there to reduce the clutter on the nightstand.

If the bed is small, one big drawer can also work. You can store there the blankets, clothes, or toys if the bed is in the kids’ room.{found on huisstyling}.

This is a super cozy nook with a large platform featuring built-in drawers of different sizes. A comfy mattress is placed on top and two sconces are mounted on a wall. A perfect reading nook you can squeeze in a bedroom.{found on tomstringer}.

Two beds can share an elevated platform. It’s an alternative to bunk beds and a way to maximize storage.{found on smithandvansant}.

Depending on what you’re plan to store in the drawers you can have the bed custom made and the drawers can feature the desired dimensions.

In the case of platform beds, drawers can be hidden underneath and out of sight. They’ll provide valuable storage and won’t interfere with the overall décor.

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A bed can feature drawers on three sides. They can be relatively small and can share the space inside the frame.{found on savvyseattle}.

This makes it easier for you to organize all the things you want to store there. Of course, it also limits the number of items that can fit inside.

In the case of bunk beds, only the bottom bed features built-in storage in the form of drawers. But you can also squeeze in additional storage in the stairs.{found on caramcbroom}.

If the drawers are not too big and too many, the design of the bed remains simple. This is a really great example. The drawers are barely noticeable here.

This bedroom has a symmetrical design from all points of view. Both beds feature drawers, identical hardware, the windows is at the center of the wall and the pitched roof highlights this symmetry even more.{found on dhdstudio}.

Custom-designed beds can be built to perfectly fit a certain space. In this case, these bunk beds have 12 drawers each and this pretty much means there’s no need for additional furniture.

If you don’t want the bed drawers to stand out, you can match them to some of the features on the rest of the furniture. These ones match the bottom drawers on the wall unit.{found on haus}.

These two beds share a double platform. There’s lots of storage inside the drawers and the element separating the beds serves as a side table, also featuring built-in storage.

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To make the drawers less noticeable, you can opt for a system that doesn’t use drawer pulls. This way the frame will look like nothing but a simple platform.{found on davidgiralphoto}.

Or the hardware could feature a color and texture similar to that of the bed frame. The whole point is to avoid strong contrasts.{found on creatingcontrastdesigns}.

Make the most of a difficult layout with custom-built furniture. The bed nook is a really cool feature, not to mention that there are 8 drawers underneath for storing pretty much everything.{found on historicalconcepts}.

Sometimes contrasts are welcomed. An eclectic or rustic bedroom décor allows you to mix and match similar colors, textures and materials. For example, the bed drawers match the cabinet and also some of the wooden slats on the walls and roof.

This rustic bedroom is tiny so those built-in drawers are extremely practical.{found on corynnepless}.

This idea could work for a studio apartment. The bed can be hidden behind a curtain and it can sit on a platform. Huge drawers underneath can provide all the storage space needed.

If you don’t need extra large drawers, opt for some small ones and use them to keep all sorts of knick knacks such as headphones, books and other personal items.

This is a really clever idea. One of the drawers is actually a pull-out platform which can serve as a table.



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