Louis Vuitton’s Hammock, Desk and Stool

The famous Louis Vuitton brand has just launched a new collection inspired nomads, hence the name Objets Nomades. The particular segment chosen for inspiration focuses on always going somewhere, from one place to another without any desire to stay and settle down. This nomad way of life inspired the famous brand to try and recreate luxury copies of the objects found”on the road”.

The entire collection is made from foldable items and this hammock for instance is very nicely crafted from thick brown leather on a black metal frame. The small table is very pliable, allowing the owner to fold the legs in two points and the top folds in half trapping the legs inside.  The seating part was covered also by the famous designer with this stool. Nomad people who don’t necessarily care for the material world and don’t get attached with objects very easily, can transform any object that has the right height and the right top surface in an occasionally seat.

Louis Vuitton took those simple elements and transformed them into very quality items, handcrafted in the traveler’s spirit. Functionality is major factor in this way of life and although Vuitton’s previous collections featured items that were inclined more towards design than functionality, this one kept the original principle that includes small functional items that can be easily packed and ready for a new adventure.

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