Line Bar made out from solit walnut by Nathan Yong

Each person uses his or her personal experience in the process of creating what they know best. For writers it’s the adventures and persons they know that serve as inspiration while for furniture designers it’s their passions and affinities they grew up with. Nathan Yong finds his inspiration in the beauty and simplicity of nature. He manages to design some of the most beautiful and good-looking bars and entertainment units you can find.

The Line Bar is just one such beautiful piece of furniture. The Singaporean artist designed this beautiful statement piece as a part of a larger collection. The Line Media Console is also part of the same series along with the Line wine bar and Line Credenza. The console table was presented at the 2010 International Furniture Fair in Singapore and impressed with its quiet elegance and stylish design. The Line Bar shares the same characteristics. It’s a modern piece of furniture with a simple design that doesn’t lack subtle details.

The Line Bar was designed on request after the media console impressed everyone with its beauty. The designer then came up with this piece, featuring the same inspiration source as the console: the streamline forms of the 1960s stereo components. The bar features a solid American walnut frame and it’s also crafted from MDF and walnut veneer. It costs $3,295.00 USD. The bar has two drawers with leather pulls along with three open cubbies and a storage rack that can hold up to 12 bottles. This portion is removable. There’s also a hanging stemware storage rack. Overall, this is a very elegant piece of furniture and it would look lovely in modern dining or living rooms.

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