Leather Bed in White Wkith Storage

It is well known that a nice bed makes the entire bedroom look OK. Of course it has to be in the same style with the interior theme and most of all it has to be suited for each individual. Because the bedroom is the place where we lay down and recharge our batteries, the bed has to be ultra comfortable to provide us the best sleep our budget can buy.And speaking of budgets, for roughly $ 1,200 you can get this one and set it as benchmark for future interior upgrades.

This particular model has a wonderful low profile design, fully upholstered in white bonded leather with four marvelous drawers underneath that offer more space than you actually need. This sophisticated design is available both in king-size, measuring 40.5”H x 78”W x 88”D or in queen-size, measuring 40.5”H x 62”W x 88”D. The color scheme chosen for this piece follows the latest trends in design, white being the color that nowadays became a “must have”.

Elegancy is very obvious, so as the high quality of the materials.The classical look with straight lines and 90-degrees corners will be perfectly integrated in any modern interior. Age has nothing to do with the buying decision because let’s face it; there are some things that not only last for decades but they actually form the taste for a certain classical, clean, elegant look.  Let your senses spoiled by the white leather and the interior by the superb design.

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