Large Open Plans Turned Cozy By Room Dividers

Having an open floor plan might seem scary to some and it can be quite difficult to get used to in certain cases. The idea of having no walls to separate the living room from the kitchen or the bedroom from the lounge area or the bathroom is not common in some regions and even if it were that wouldn’t work for everyone. But there’s an easy and elegant way to deal with this inconvenient: just use room dividers.

Divider BUILD Shelving System

Divider BUILD Shelving System

Modular BUILD Shelving System

If you’re not ready to commit to a solid room divider designed to stay in place for a very long time or until you decide to renovate, the alternative would be a modular and mobile divider such as the Build system. These modules are sold individually and have quirky geometric shapes. They can be combined in lots of different ways and they can be organized in a lot of funky ways. Use them to build walls that divide your space or use them as standalone pieces. If you’re not happy with the design you can reconfigure it in a few minutes.

Wall unit Shelving Divider

Floor To ceiling shelving divider

Modularity and flexibility are also important characteristics of the units offered by Channels Designs. The dividers featured here are built out of several individual modules which could be used as standalone pieces but also in sets and clusters.

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Channels design Furniture Divider

Divider Large Shelving Furniture

The modules can be combined in a lot of different ways. In a way, they are similar to Lego bricks and they offer the use plenty of flexibility in terms of form and the angle at which they are displayed.

Wood Shelves like Wall Dividers

Storage and Dividers Shelves

Mint also offers a few stylish design options for room dividers, some modern and some with a lot of vintage charm. This particular design is meant to be simple and versatile, suitable for a variety of different contexts and styles, similar to a lot of IKEA room dividers. The design is excellent for open floor plans that need some kind of spatial division between the lounge space and dining area or for home offices.

Geometrical diamond divider

Divider with a geometrical Design

If you enjoy the simple sophistication of geometric units and room dividers, this design from Jetclass should be right up your alley. It’s a combination of hexagonal modules which put together form a honeycomb pattern. Each one is divided into two sections by a removable glass shelf. You can make the divider as high or as long as you want and you can adjust each piece to suit the item you want to put on display.



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