KELVIN CHEN Enamel Mini Teapot with Sea Turtle

People discovered that many objects can be used to make their homes more beautiful ever since the most ancient times, when they used animal skins and trunks for that. But , in time, they learned how to create their own home accessories and developed their sense of beauty, which came to a peak some time in the 18th and 19th centuries. This was when the rich people treasured beautiful objects and they had a great value. This KELVIN CHEN Enamel Mini Teapot with Sea Turtle is the perfect example of a remnant of such art and design that resisted till our century.

First of all this teapot can only be used for decorative purpose and it was painted by hand by Kelvin Chen. The paint and enamel was applied on copper and the product was repeatedly burnt in fire in order to fix its colours and enamel. The baby turtle you can see on the teapot is a very interesting design as sea turtle is the symbol of order, creation and endurance and it brings two different spaces together: land and sea. Any way, beyond the significance and use, this teapot is very beautiful and decorative and you can now purchase it from eBay for just $29.99.

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