Kartell Ghost Buster Storage Cabinet

I saw the movie “Ghost busters” and I loved it, but I seriously do not see any connection between it and this beautiful piece of furniture called Kartell Ghost Buster Storage Cabinet. Or maybe its name refers to some ancient habit of locking the ghosts into nice cabinets. Any way, the point is that this cabinet looks amazing and it can be used for storing different items in it, making your living room or bedroom a beautiful place by simply being there.

The cabinet is designed by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet , amazing professionals who have a lot of awards in design and it is manufactured by Kartell. It is made of transparent or batch-dyed PMMA and is available in Transparent Crystal, Transparent Fumé, Mat White or Mat Black. It has three open frontal shelves that make it the perfect storage space and also a nice example of simple and beautiful design. The cabinet is made in Italy and has graceful curves that make it stylish and elegant and the perfect choice for a modern living room. You can order the item online for $916 from All Modern. It will be shipped to you in eight to nine weeks and it will become the centerpiece of your living room.

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