Kartell bookworm shelf

This revolutionizing piece of art is from the famous Kartell marries Italian and the piece is a bookshelf which is marked by a series of bookend supports. This work combines flexibility along with superior durability. Each support of this bookshelf can bear a load of 10 kgs, which is really amazing. So if you’re one for functionality with good looks, you’ve certainly found your match.

Bookcases are almost a must-have in the house. They are not useful if you want to store books in there, but also other little things like collectible and little personal treasures. There are many designed for this type of furniture and all of them are beautiful and special. Some of them are more simple, others more sophisticated, some are small, others cover the entire wall, some are modular, others are not.

But when you really want something special and different from all the other designs, then the best choice for you would to choose some decorative shelves. These ones are particularly interesting because of the shape. This is a spiral-shaped shelf, with additional little shelves between the spaces where you can store your books, CDs, DVDs or other similar objects. The image is very interesting and intriguing. The books seem to defy gravity because you get caught in the larger shape, the spiral and to forget about the other little shelved that keep the books in place.Available for £212.

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