Jumbo Bar and Jumbo Corner by Jorge Najera

Here’s a duo that would look beautiful in any modern or contemporary home. It’s a collection designed by Jorge Najera which features two pieces that have similar names and similar designs. The Jumbo Bar and the Jumbo Corner are two contemporary pieces of furniture that have a design that allows them to be extremely versatile in use.

The Jumbo Bar and Corner were designed for both personal use, meaning you can include them in your home, as well as for public use which includes bars, restaurant and other similar places. These pieces are also versatile in another way. They can be used both indoors and outdoors because the material used to create them allows it. To be more exact, the Jumbo Bar and Corner are made of rotational moulded polyethylene. This is a resistant material that has been used more and more in the furniture industry because it’s lighter, easier to handle and it’s a good replacement for natural materials, like wood for example.

Another distinguishable feature of these two pieces is their minimalist design. As you can see, there are absolutely no details or decorations incorporated in the design. It’s a very stylish simplicity that is both quiet and eye-catching. This is just another characteristic of the modern style that can be encountered not just in the furniture industry but also in architecture and other domains.

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