John Lee’s SALCOMBE Table

Irish furniture designer John Lee decided to surprise us with a very interesting table design. The SALCOMBE table is a very unusual piece of furniture. Unlike the usual tables, this one has a very special design. In the middle there’s an open space where you could place something like a tall flower or plant. Also you can just leave it like that. Also, the table has no legs, just two curved lines.

The holes in the structure might look like Swiss cheese but they were actually inspired by the effects of erosion on sedimentary rocks, or at least that’s what the designer says. The table is very stylish and interesting, although it might not be as practical as the designer might want to make us believe. The open space in the middle is not at all functional as it takes quite a lot of spate that could be used for something else. Also, it’s very likely that objects might fall through that hole. Furthermore, since it has no legs, just the curved structure, the table is very uncomfortable to sit at. There’s no room for the user to keep its legs and the holes don’t really help.

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Even though aesthetically it’s a very beautiful and very interesting piece of furniture, this table is more of a decoration than an actual furniture piece that you can use.



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