Introducing Drop Leaf Dining Tables – The Good Old Space-Savers

A dining table is useful in every home, whether you’re having family dinner time every night or you use it a few times a year. But whatever the case is, you don’t want the table to occupy a ton of space in your home all the time. Remember the good old drop-leaf table? It’s a classic, available in any style and a perfect choice.

Living-dining area combinations.

When there’s no obvious distinction between the living and the dining areas, a drop-leaf table can be element linking these spaces. A popular décor idea is to have the living room sofa and the dining table sit back to back.{found on billybesonco}.

This type of arrangement allows both the living and dining area to feel like separate spaces each with their privacy without creating a visual gap in between them.{found on liveoakgroupllc}.

There’s also the possibility to make the expandable dining table a part of the living room arrangement. In this case, it would take the place of the coffee table and the living and dining areas would become one. A practical idea if you often find yourself eating on the coffee table or playing board games and needing more space.

Having a drop leaf table tucked behind the living room sofa lets you use it for evening activities when you have people over. No need to move everyone into a different room or to bring extra furniture. Plus, the table wouldn’t take much space in the room if you don’t need it.{found on farchitects}.

Cozy nooks.

Make a drop leaf table the “pièce de résistance” in your cozy nook and you’ll have no problem finding space for the whole arrangement somewhere in your living room, in the corner of the kitchen or by the window.

Combine a drop leaf table and a sofa bench and you’ll create a very flexible space which can either be a cozy breakfast nook, a work desk or the seating area in your spacious kitchen. You can always add a few more chairs and extend the table to its full potential if needed.{found on kristine}.

Consider a smaller drop leaf table if you don’t intend to transform your cozy little nook into a huge table for hosting dinner parties. You might find yourself needing just a few extra inches of table for your own use so why not be prepared?

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Drop leaf tables in the kitchen.

If you want to combine the cooking and dining experiences in one space, then an extendable table can be both your kitchen island and your dining table. When you’re using it as additional prep space, hide the benches/ chairs/ stools under the table.{found on jdixonarchitect}.

Or you can add the drop leaf table to the kitchen even if you already have a kitchen island. It can be the link between the kitchen and living area if you have an open floor plan or it would simply allow you to cook and eat in the same space and separate the two things using furniture.{found on locatiarchitects}.

The table can become an extension of your kitchen island and you can use it as a bar as well as a dining table. And during prep time, you can use as an extra counter.

Maybe you can actually find a table specifically designed for kitchens and then using it as a kitchen island would be a logical thing to do.{found on schwartzand}.

Match your drop-leaf table to your kitchen décor. For example, get one with a round or oval shape if you want to match it to features like the sink, the corner shelves or the lighting fixture.{found on soorikianarchitecture}.

Flexible dining space.

You never know when guests may pop over just in time for dinner so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. A drop leaf dining table gives you flexibility. It expands to adapt to the situation and allows multiple configurations to be created.

Whether you want flexibility in your kitchen or dining room or you want to save space and combine two zones into one, the Origami drop leaf table comes to your rescue with its simple, versatile and elegant design. The black metal base and grained acacia wood top are a perfect match.Available on Crate&Barrel.

Round drop leaf tables.

Usually they’re rectangular because it’s the most practical design but drop leaf tables can also be round if, for example, you want the flexibility in a more elegant context. However, a round table shouldn’t be your first choice is the goal is to make the most of your space. Consider one for separate dining rooms.{found on lisafureyinteriors}.

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by Don Pearse Photographer

In case you have a round drop leaf table, consider complementing it with a round chandelier. Of course, the two would only match if you extend the table so don’t bother with this combo if you’ll only get it right a few times a year.

Wall-mounted and great for small spaces.

Although less popular and not as versatile and flexible as the freestanding version, wall-mounted drop leaf tables are an excellent choice for tiny spaces in particular. They offer useful extra counter space while occupying zero floor space.Available for $39.

It’s super easy to create a cozy little nook, even in small kitchens, if you opt for this type of table. The only problem remaining is finding room for the chairs when you don’t need them.

And given how little these table influence the overall décor of the room, you can pretty much include in any space. For example, put one in the laundry room or on your balcony.Available for $39.

Easy to store in plain sight.

Let’s consider this context: you usually only need a large dining table a few times a year when you host family get-togethers or parties but still, you have to have one in your home. A practical idea can be to repurpose it the rest of the time and to use it as a console table on the hallway for example. You’d be storing it in plain sight and giving it a purpose.

Take the drop leaves outdoors, where they belong.

When placed outdoors, on the patio, terrace or in the back yard, tables are generally used for parties, barbecues and large gatherings so it seems natural to get a drop leaf table which can accommodate a variate number of persons, depending on the occasion. Always be prepared for more people when you’re planning an outdoor event.{found on l3-design}.

Just like the tables used inside the house, the outdoor ones come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. Find the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Usually, outdoors tables and chairs form sets.{found on tvoa}.



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