Intriguing furniture pieces made out of whiskey barrels

Normally, the only secret that a whiskey barrel hides is the taste of whiskey inside it along with the recipe used to create it. However, a clever designer has found a way to change that. This is a collection of furniture crafted from recycled whiskey barrels. Numerous oak barrels are used to age the spirit and to give it unique aromas and flavors. Once they did that they can no longer be used for the same purpose. But then a new stage in their lives begins.

The barrels are often used to create something new, something unique, completely different than their original purpose. For example, they are used to make furniture. The pieces were designed by Gustaf Anders Rooth and crafted by Barrelly Made It (BMI), the designer creates pieces from reclaimed whiskey barrels from American distilleries and wine barrels from local and Northern California wineries. Each component of the barrels is reused and nothing goes to waste.

Among some of the most interesting and intriguing pieces of furniture created from whiskey barrels we can mention a series of stools with different designs and of different dimensions, coffee tables, side table and even a very unusual lounge chair. It takes imagination and creativity to create something like this and it takes time to create these designs. Each piece is unique and is a one-of-a-kind item. It has unique details, textures and finishes.

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