Interesting Glass Top Table with Grape Vines

Today’s inspired work is a glass top table with grape vines. This interesting table is made from actual Chardonay grape vines from the growing region of Paso Robles Calif.

This unique piece is eclectic element that will give your space flavor. The grape vines were reclaimed after they lived out their productive life of 25 years and they were to be bulldozed down and burned. After getting them in Colorado the designer built a wood drying kiln and had dried them so that they would be stable for furniture in your home. Every table made is unique in its own way and you won’t find two pieces of a kind.

The glass top table is a creative item that can become the focal point of your living room. The glass top is 1/2″ plate with 1″ bevel around the perimeter. It has two etchings of grape clusters on the underside for their protection. The designer also used iron that is painted burgundy for the bracing of the legs. The overall dimensions of this lovely tale are 30″h x 28″d x 28″w.

Perfect for almost any room, the glass top table with grape vines is an amazing piece. Available for $350.00, this item is the eclectic feature your home needs.

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