Inspiring table made out of leftover materials

This beautiful table is impressive on many levels. First of all, it has a simple and yet very interesting and eye-catching design. Also, the combination of colors is quite interesting as well. But the most impressive part of all is the fact that this table was made out of leftover materials.

The table was designed by Rabih Hage for DuPont. It was presented at an exhibition during Milan Design Week and it’s part of a the Leftovers Collection, an inspiring and unusual series of furniture pieces that also include a chair and a shelf unit. All four pieces have unique designs and offer a new perspective on everything we know about them and leftover materials. The table in particular is an eye-catching piece of furniture because it’s both simple and complex.

Visually, the table has an irregular design and a striking effect. The table, the same as all the other pieces from the Leftovers Collection, was made entirely out of scrap counter material. It features a combination of colors such as green, yellow, white and beige. The collection was an experiment and it ended up being a fascinating creation. It shows us that discarded pieces of wood can be useful too. They can become something unique, a luxury product and they can make the transition from junk to treasure. All they need is for someone to see this potential.

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