Inspiring Decors That Frame Round Pedestal Dining Tables

Round tables make spaces look cozy. They bring people together and facilitate the interaction between them. They also look very graceful when paired with a pedestal base. So how could you integrate a pedestal dining table, for example, into a regular home setting? The possibilities are numerous and they have a lot to do with the configuration of the space. We’re ready to explore some of the options and we hope you can join us.

A small dining table is all a home needs when you’re not in the habit of hosting sinner parties or family events. If it’s just you and your partner there’s really no point in wasting space with a table bigger than this one.

To emphasize the cozy nature of the space, pair a round pedestal dining table with a few relaxing chairs/ armchairs. These ones are perfect for this setting. They have reclined backrests and they’re versatile with a hint of rustic.

This pedestal table is quite small so we wouldn’t really call it a dining table. It is, however, a great accent piece for a hallway and you could use it as a cocktail table or as an occasional table in certain circumstances.

A larger table would look great in a cozy dining nook and you could pair it with a bench or with a small sofa. Add some armchairs too to complete the setting.

The same combination can be possible if you’re using a pedestal dining table with an oval top. In a way, this would be a better option for smaller spaces and it would make it easier to pair the elongated table with a bench or a small sofa.

Round table fit perfectly in nooks like this one. This can be a space that you add to the kitchen area or an addition to the living room. We love the bay windows and the built-in bench. The table and the bench sit on a raised platform in this case but that’s just one of the design possibilities.

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An L-shaped bench or sofa can also be a good match for a round dining table. It could wrap around it, leaving room for a couple of chairs on the other side. You can match the bench to the furniture in the kitchen and give it built-in storage under the seat.

With such a cool view and a curved wall, there is no better option than a round pedestal table. It simply makes sense in this particular spatial configuration. We love how the chairs are coordinated with the curtains and how the whole setting is harmonious in every way.

Pedestal tables are pretty cool because they can look charming just about everywhere. In some cases they can even be multifunctional. For example, you can have one in the living room and use it as a dining table and occasionally as a desk or bar table.

Complement a round pedestal table with a circular area rug to emphasize its form. if you want, you can even complement it with chairs with rounded backrests and with a chandelier that mimics the same shape in its own stylish way.

Another idea is to frame a round table with a square or rectangular area rug. This particular table ensures a smooth connection between these two elements by featuring a pedestal base with a square structure.

Placing the dining table close to a window with a nice view is always a wonderful idea. You can make the area feel extra cozy despite its exposed and open look by using a round table. This one was paired with classic dining chairs that blend clean and straight lines with smooth curves.

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Eating in the kitchen is usually cozier than doing the same thing in a separate space designed specifically for this purpose. That’s why nooks like this one are so cool. The pedestal table with its graceful and sculptural design is a perfect match for this simple curved bench.

This pedestal table is blue, just like the walls that frame it. The chairs have a chic metallic finish which looks lovely against the blue backdrop and in combination with the neutral-colored floor.

This family room has an arched window and the elegant table placed in front of it only enhances the view instead of obstructing it. This is a really cozy setting where shapes, proportions, patterns and colors dialogue in a harmonious way.

You can’t really go wrong with a pedestal dining table, regardless of the style you choose or the setting. Here you can see such a table on a traditional deck. There’s an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit here as well.

Round dining tables have have a specific number of people that they can accommodate. Their circular tops have no corners so you can squeeze in as many persons as you can, this allowing the occasional extra guest to always have a seat at your table.

Technically, this is not a table per se. It’s an extension of this kitchen island but it has its own pedestal base which gives it a certain amount of individuality. It’s an interesting way of combining functions and saving space at the same time.



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