Inspiring Brecce Collection by Marco Stefanelli

The Brecce collection is an innovative creation of Italian designer Marco Stefanelli. He found a very interesting way of repurposing objects that basically reached the end of their life cycle. It could be called recycling. The idea behind the project was to take objects that are no longer useful as they have become too old and to give a second chance.

The objects were not repurposed. They were simply allowed to continue their life in the original form, with a few adjustments. It’s a furniture collection but a range of decorations and sculpture-like elements that could be used both indoors and outdoors. They have no specific functions. The collection includes objects such as scrap wood from a sawmill or braches from the trees. These are not elements anyone would consider worthy of fixing.

The objects were given a second chance. They were preserved as such without being modified in any structural way. They were combined with cast resin and embedded with LEDs. Their surface was cleaned and, given the unusual combination, it’s a great example of how technology and artificial elements can be combined with pieces from nature. It’s a sort of modified version of a natural element, an object that has pieces from two different worlds and reunites them in a harmonious composition. In a sense it’s a very strange and contrasting creation.

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