Innovative rectangular dining table

Life is beautiful and sometimes difficult too. It is the reason why we try to use things which can make it more beautiful and easier too. Technology, mechanisms of all kinds, machines, gadgets, and various devices helped us a lot in this area. They made our activities more pleasant and tried to make us enjoy every minute of our life.

Multifunctional ET 1700 from Hulsta is one of these devices. Actually, it is a great rectangular dining table perfect for any dining room. Besides the fact that has some generous sizes you may also change its size and function. Its width and length can be modified so that you can adapt it to your necessities and the divided table top can be easily moved too. The open areas that are created are filled with extension leaves.

Although you may have the impression that it is a common dining table you will discover the contrary. ET 1700 is a special dining table which has different functional accessories that can be found in the opening centre of the table. Here there some inserts which can help you prepare some dishes at the table or you can put your hot pots on a granite slap which is also here.

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Those who are already attracted to it can take into account some other impressive features of this special table like: the electric glass field, the doubled- walled stainless steel cooler, the solid beech cutting board or the stainless steel insert with tea lights.If you prefer a certain color you must know that ET 1700 is also available in core walnut, natural oak, amber wood and in white lacquer.



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