Ingenious Rabbit Hutch Worth £10,000

Today’s inspired design is a high-tech house for your pet rabbit. This ingenious hutch is worth £10,000 and comes complete with air conditioning and CCTV cameras so you can watch them while away on vacation.

A couple from Norfolk have built such a house because of the anxiety of leaving their pets behind. Jason, an electrical and mechanical engineer, spent nine months building the two-storey pine and stainless steel hutch. Fitted with LED lights and four cameras, this house is an unexpected, yet interesting way to check up on your pets. The footage is streamed live onto the internet and the couple can log on via their smartphones or laptop to see their precious bunnies hop around their hutch.

The smartest thing about it is that if your pets look too hot or cold you can use your mobile phone to switch on the air conditioning or close a bad-weather front shutter. Any instruction is acknowledged with a return text to confirm it has been successful. Moreover the cameras have an infra-red facility that allows them to check on their rabbits after dark. Based on a log cabin design, the two-bedroom hutch measures 7ft 6inc long, 4ft high and 3ft deep.

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If you don’t have children to worry about and love your pets, then you should probably invest in a smart hutch. Not only will it keep you informed, but it will also be an interesting place for your pets.{found on thesun}



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