Ingenious ideas for repurposing a treadle sewing machine

Many of the early sewing machines were powered by a treadle mechanism and they are still very popular. The treadle was operated by pressing down on it with a foot or with both feet and this would cause a rocking movement that would spin a large wheel on the frame. Even though treadle sewing machines are no longer used for their intended purpose, they are still wonderful pieces of history.

So if you have one in your home either from your grandmother or from somewhere else, you can find numerous ways in which you can use it. Whether it’s just the base or parts of the sewing machine that are being repurposed, they definitely add character to the newly-designed piece. Here are a few great examples.

Treadle Sewing Machine Base Desk.

This sued to be a treadle sewing machine and it has been turned into a desk. The base is the only part that has been reused and that’s because of its beautiful design. It also has a great shape for a desk. It even has a footrest, a very practical element. You can use your sewing machine as a desk too and it would make a wonderful addition to a home office.{found on dans-le-townhouse}.

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Rustic bathroom.

In general it’s just the base of the treadle sewing machine that is being reused or repurposed. In this case, it has been turned into a washing basin table. given its design and worn look, it would make a nice addition to a bathroom that has a more rustic and cozy interior décor.

Turn into tables.

The metal base of the treadle sewing machine has a beautiful design but it usually also has a worn look. It’s best to not try to restore it completely or to make it look like new. That worn finish gives it character. Here, that base was used to make a nice table for display. The ornaments also match the style features by the table so the image is beautifully balanced.

Table lamp.

This end table is also very charming. It’s been made using the base from an antique treadle sewing machine that has been preserved beautifully. The combination of black metal and dark-stained wood is very beautiful. You could use such a table in the living room but also in spaces like the bedroom, the home office or the study.{found on etsy}.


As you can see, this desk also has parts from an old treadle sewing machine. In this case, only the legs have been reused. The foot support structure has been removed and the reused parts are now the base for the desk which is larger than the sewing machine probably was, this being the reason why it was taken apart. The base gives the desk a very elegant and chic look.{found on EmmaBlogg}.

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Paint it.

This table also has a base borrowed from an antique treadle sewing machine. it has been preserved intact and its black finish matches the black wooden structure of the table. it’s something that you could use on the hallway, in the home office, in the library or even in the living room. It’s great for display.



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