Inflatable Green Pillow by Art Terre

Usually a nice and comfortable pillow may force you to think of a sweet nap. It is important to choose the pillow that suite you best and take advantage of a few nice hours of sleep. Pillows have different sizes, are made of various materials and many other features that might affect your sleep and sleeping position. For example there are pillows which are hard, other are soft and fluffy, pillows that are big or pillows that have a small dimension.

Perhaps none of all these features that describe an ordinary pillow would interest you so much as this inflatable Green Pillow which comes from Art Terre.Actually Green Pillow is the name of an unusual inflatable planter pillow which can be used for interiors or for outdoor spaces. You may place it on the sofa, on the floor or even on the surface of water as it can float too.

This amazing Green Pillow is waterproof and can hold pots of up to 13 cm in diameter. The fact that is an inflatable planter pillow makes of it a flexible piece which can be used easily and in a nice manner. Now you forget about your sweet nap and admire your favorite flowers which will decorate your house so beautifully!Available for 49 euro each.

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