Indoor Bike Racks With Minimal Impact On The Interior Décor

Indoor bike racks are gaining popularity, especially now that the designs started becoming simpler, less intrusive and more stylish. What started out as a practical element has evolved into a stylish accessory that can suit most modern and contemporary interiors. Yet one more reason to take your bike off the floor and display it in your home.

This system includes nothing more than just a pair of wooden hooks. It’s a simple and functional design that gives practicality a minimalist shell. It’s the type of modern indoor bike rack that you could easily use in the living room without worrying it would ruin the décor.Available for $78.

This trophy bike storage rack gives this element an artistic twist without compromising on functionality. These bike holders feature a simple design with industrial flair and they’re shaped like animal trophies, which means that could actually look interesting as freestanding pieces, without a bike around them.Available on site.

The Iceberg bike hanger was designed by Reinis Salins. It’s made of wood and has a sculptural design. It offers no clue whatsoever regarding its functionality but it all becomes clear one a bike is attached to this chic support.

Designed by Stephen Tiller, the Bike Valet also shares the same type of sculptural flair. It has a simple and refined design, with a slight industrial appearance and it could easily fit in a variety of decors and spaces. Find the color that best suits your home.

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Bikinibicis is a small and attractive wall-mounted bike rack. Made of wood, it has a raw and natural look with a little bit of vintage appeal. Available in several variants, it also serves a double function allowing you to also use it as a bookshelf or planter. The simple and space-saving design is ideal for small spaces.

Daniel Ballou came up with the Very Nice Bike Rack, an accessory that is able to adapt to pretty much any kind of décor and style thanks to its minimalist and versatile design. There are two versions of this bike rack, one that’s wall-mounted and another one that’s a floor stand and comes with adjustable felt spacer pads.

This is a set of three sculptural bike storage racks designed by Quarterre. Their names are Hood, Branchline and Shadow, all really suitable to the designs they describe. They all aim at turning bikes into accessories worthy of being displayed on your home’s walls, just like artwork.



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