Il Capo Dramatic Dining Table by Creazioni

Dining tables can create a spectacular dining room or just prove their functionality due to their practical design. They can have a special shape made of some refined materials and become more than just a simple dining table or can have an ordinary look but become very useful when you need them.

Some of these items prove to be some real works of art so that they become the central focus of the dining room or are just kept for their design more than their functionality.“Il Capo”, which means “the head”, represents a special dramatic dining table designed by Creazioni. It is a fantastic dining table which combines both the art work and the functionality of an ordinary dining table.Its design is based on a style contrast that features a minimal simple style of its three quarters while the remaining quarter is based on an ornately carved design. This type of dining table combines simplicity and functionality with the refinement of an art work.

Your guests will definitely remark the special design and the functionality of a great dining table.Il Capo is a great dining table based on contrasts and an eye-catching design. Another advantage of it is the fact that its different table parts are available in various colors and finishes so that you can mix and match them in order to get the model you want to fit your interior. Thus you can create a special ambiance that will definitely charm your guests and will make you feel wonderful!

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