“Hyannis Port” Bench for the Hallway

Every time I have to get out of the house or I come into the house and I have to take off my shoes or put them on I need something to sit on. That happens because it’s not a very comfortable position to just stand and put on or take off your shoes. And if there is something like shoelaces the problem becomes even more complicated. So the best thing to do is place a nice comfy bench in the hallway and use it as well as you can. This nice bench is called “Hyannis port” and it is produced by Cape Henley. You can sit on it and also use it as a storage space because it has three big rustic rattan baskets underneath where you can deposit things you need in the hallway, but not always on display like umbrellas, shoe polish, brushes, etc.

It is white and made of wood and it is perfect to be used in beach houses, outdoors, but also indoors. It is covered by a comfortable seat pad that makes it easier for you if you sit there and has a rustic natural air. It is cool and traditional at the same time and you can now purchase it for 495 pounds.

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