Huge Idyllic Edge Bed

Have you been in dorm room? If you don’t let me tell you in a few words how is like. First of all its crowded, smelly and with the worst beds in the entire world and am not kidding at all about this last part. In fact in some cases sleeping on the floor is actually less painful then sleeping on your bed. My back is killing me due to my collage years spend on those kinds of beds, so when I see something like this I get literally overwhelmed with emotions.

This huge bed makes you feel like drifting around on the ocean coast on calm waters in a simple pneumatic boat without any worries. In fact it feels so good that if we continue the analogy I don’t think I even want to be saved; I just want to float. Made out of mahogany veneer, reclaimed Brazilian Peroba Rosa and stainless steel this colossus is definitely going to souk up all the attention.

Available only in sizes like California King, Eastern King or Queen this will take up all the space in your bedroom, but it’s ok because this marvelous design has four sliding drawers underneath; very functional and a perfect hiding place for  sheets, blankets and so on. As you can see this thing has pretty much everything you need in your bedroom, eliminating even the night stands with that thick bench-dept ledge that surrounds it entirely. I like the modern approach of the rustic greatness.

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