How To Make A Driftwood Coffee Table The Star Of Your Living Room Decor

Using driftwood in interior design and decor is an idea which we very much agree with and we’re really excited to finally have a chance to show you a few of the things you can do with it. Today the focus is on coffee tables, more exactly on a few that are made out of driftwood. They’re really gorgeous and any one of them could become a statement piece and even the focal point of the room and since each one is also unique the design possibilities are endless. Of course, coffee tables aren’t your only option. Driftwood art can take many different forms so be creative.

We can’t really say what we love more about this living room, the driftwood coffee table or those undulating driftwood decorations in the corner. Actually, we more we look at this space the more we fall in love with it and we discover new elements worthy of being appreciated.

When it comes to driftwood coffee tables, a glass top can really bring out the beauty in the design. The top can also help shape the table and define its proportions in accordance with the floor plan, the layout of the room and the desired look and ambiance.

Every driftwood table is unique and sculptural, featuring stunning forms that range from simple to very intricate and complex. It’s usually the complex ones that are the most impressive from an aesthetic point of view. They’re well-suited for minimalist living room decors where they can act as focal points of attention.{found on thespottedfrog}.

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In a way, a driftwood coffee table is like a sculpture. Of course, it depends on the table. Take this one for example. It’s obviously the center of attention in this classy and casual living room. The sculptural base and the transparent glass top and made for each other.{found on mayawilliamsdesign}.

As always, there are multiple styles and design directions to consider before choosing a coffee table, whether driftwood is a part of it or not. some are obviously meant to impress with their sculptural forms while others aim at a less dramatic but equally eye-catching effect.{found on jenerationinteriors}.

Although they can be extremely versatile, driftwood coffee tables can also be tricky and complicated because of their unique and unusual nature. It can take a while but when you finally find the one for your living room everything falls into place and harmony sets over everything.

A driftwood coffee table basically lets you bring a piece of nature into your home and that’s pretty exciting. This can be a source of inspiration for the whole space’s decor and you can use colors inspired by nature such as greens, browns or this light shade of blue that’s reminiscent of the clear sky or the ocean. In fact, anything driftwood-related can look right at home in a coastal-themed room.{found on kotzeninteriors}.

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It can be interesting to try to reiterate some of the charm of a driftwood coffee table elsewhere in the space in the form of artwork or little accessories meant to establish a visual link between these elements and to ensure a cohesive and harmonious decor. One example can be seen here where the coffee table and the wall painting share a special connection.{found on matthewrachmangallery}.

The correlation doesn’t have to be very obvious. In fact, the subtle hints are often the most satisfying ones. It’s all in the details, like a color hue that matches another, the texture of an accent pillow or the abstract but suggestive design of a wall painting.{found on ianstallings}.

Because a driftwood coffee table tends to stand out and to become a focal point of attention for the room it’s in, it often dictates the main characteristics of the rest of the decor, like the color scheme, the materials, textures and finishes used throughout and even the overall style.



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