How To Choose Furniture for White Bedrooms

While white might seem the most bland color for some, you can’t fault it’s rise in popularity over the last few years. We’ve seen countless white walls while scrolling through our feeds. Many of these walls display a boho style of decor with lots of light and greenery, but that doesn’t mean white is only for boho rooms. White is bright, neutral and provides all the opportunity you’d ever need.

Scandinavian bedroom interior design

French white bedroom interior design

Modern white bedroom platform

IKEA Malm Scandinavian Bedroom

Maybe that’s why it’s such a good color for bedrooms. In a space tailored to help you relax and rejuvenate, white walls provide the perfect color base to build from. Once you’ve painted your bedroom walls, take a look at these eight white bedrooms and the perfect bedroom furniture.

Traditional Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom with white tufted bed

It’s likely in your traditional home that the rest of your house is painted some shade of beige. A white bedroom allows you to keep on track with neutral colors while giving you something that feels a little lighter and fresher.

Textured Woven Rae Upholstered Bed

The traditional bedroom benefits immensely from a tufted headboard. You likely have that tufted look someplace else in your home so it helps to carry the look through. Also, what’s more comfortable when you settle in for the night to lean back against that extra cushion and read before you turn out the light!{found on worldmarket}.

Bringing a dresser for storage

When looking for a traditional dresser, turn away from the dark wood. Those heavy pieces will feel even heavier on the eyes in your white bedroom. A beige dresser with some detailing will be the perfect spot to store your clothes and display your jewelry.

Colorful Blue Nighstand

Resist the urge to buy the traditional bedroom set. A deep colored nightstand is just what your white traditional bedroom needs to give it a little pop among all those neutral shades. And since a nightstand is small, it won’t overwhelm your space.{found on made}.

Bedroom Beige Accent Chair

Yes, we’re back to beige. It is a traditional bedroom after all. If there is room in your bedroom, think long and hard about the accent chair you choose. Some spaces might well accommodate a large tufted chair while others might need a more petite option.

Modern Bedroom

Modern white bedroom platform

A white walled modern bedroom probably doesn’t surprise you. In a space that is so colorless, white is the best option for the walls. Most likely, if you begin there, your furniture will follow with either white, black or gray. Then you can color scheme with pillows as you see fit.

Deep wood bedroom frame color

While the finish on this bed frame looks black, it’s actually a very deep smokey brown. Choosing something with those deep wood tones for your bed frame will set off your white duvet best and give you an immediate focal point in the space.

Black and gold metallic glint dresser

The same principal goes for the dresser. It’s likely that you won’t have many knick knacks to display on top, most modern homes being very minimal in decor, so the space a dresser provides is purely practical. Maybe you’ll get lucky enough to find one with a little metallic glint like the dresser above.

Marble Top nighstand trend

Are you seeing a trend yet? This nightstand specifically meshes with the other dark wood pieces in your white modern bedroom without being so matchy matchy. Plus, that marble top gives you a little texture to play with. Need we say more?

Accent chair with ottoman

Modern styled accent chairs can be easy to find if you know where to look. Pick a chair that is black or gray to create contrast against your white walls. After you choose the color you’re looking for, you can decide if you want something chunkier or more linear.

Boho Bedroom

Beautiful white boho bedroom interior design

We mentioned boho bedrooms above so obviously we have to include the style. These bedrooms focus on texture and plants so it makes sense to paint the walls white. When you have this blank slate, you can top it with all the texture you can find and that’s where your eyes will go instead of the color on the walls.{found on theeverygirl}.

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Boho bedroom with carved headboard

Isn’t this carved headboard beautiful? Those honeyed wood tones will probably match the other pieces in your boho home and that patterned headboards provides a beautiful feast for the eyes each time you enter your white boho bedroom.

If there was ever a place where you were most likely to find a caned wardrobe, it’s a boho bedroom. This light colored piece is the perfect substitute for a dresser and provides a different texture as well, perfectly fitting into the boho vibes.

Along with all those wood tones, it’s helpful to add some glitz to spice things up. A simple gilded nightstand is the perfect way to add that metallic piece on the downlow. Who wouldn’t enjoy displaying their current reads on this beauty?

A hanging accent chair? Why not? They aren’t just for kids! This hanging jute swing would make the perfect accent chair in a boho bedroom, leaving more floor space for your precious plants. Just through a bright pillow in it and you’re done.{found on worldmarket}.

Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian bedrooms are seemingly a blend of modern and boho bedrooms. They’re very simplistic but they pack a punch with all their texture and warmth. And most of them have… you guessed it… white walls. So while you’re stocking up on knotty baskets and soft sheepskins, here’s the furniture for the Scandinavian bedroom.{found on myscandinavianhome}.

Nothing fancy is required for a Scandinavian bed. In fact, if your mattress isn’t directly on the floor, the more basic the better. A light wood platform bed is perfect for bringing some warmth to your white bedroom and setting the tone for the rest of your space.{found on ikea}.

White dressers come in all shapes and sizes but, like the bed, seek the simple one. Straight lines, basic hardware, no frills or details. It will do the job and you can control how much you style out the top instead of the dresser speaking for itself.{found on crateandbarrel}.

Same goes for your Scandinavian bedroom’s nightstand. Plain, white, simple, that’s all you need. Choosing a smaller one like the nightstand above will help you keep the top uncluttered and give you more floor space.{found on IKEA}.

When there is an opportunity for faux fur in the Scandinavian bedroom, you take hold with both hands. This fur covered accent chair is just the piece you want sitting in the corner by your basket of chunky throw blankets. It’s neutral and inviting, capturing the Scandinavian style in one piece.

French Bedroom

French decor is always so lovely in any bedroom. If you lean towards the glamour french style, white walls will make your pieces stand out and if you prefer french country, the white walls will anchor that fresh light look. Either way, white is the way to go.

Sometimes that big beautiful velvet tufted bed would fit perfectly into your French bedroom but not into your budget. Opt for a lovely white bed frame with a little distressing to give it that delicate storied feel.

One of the best things about distressed furniture is that you can sometimes create the look yourself. A white distressed dresser will blend perfectly with your bed frame so while it’s possible to buy one, you should consider using an antique.

While much of the bedroom furniture is square, how lovely would this round nightstand be in your white french bedroom? It adds to the softness and luxury of the style, exhibiting that roughness around the edges.{found on potterybarn}.

With white walls and white furniture, it’s important to add a little pattern to your french bedroom. Enter the accent chair. Ticking stripes are the perfect pattern for french country styles or you can go with roses on the glamorous side.

Farmhouse Bedroom

The white farmhouse bedroom is the perfect blend of wood furniture, chunky knits and pastel shades. With so much to combine, white walls make it simple to achieve. While you’re shopping for the perfect farmhouse bedroom furniture, consider these pieces that are practically made for white walls.

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Many farmhouse bedrooms are small, making foodboards impractical on your bed. This rattan headboard is a lovely piece for the farmhouse bedroom, bringing interest to your space in a simple way.

Any wood furniture in your farmhouse bedroom should take its cue from the rest of your home. If a gray washed wood is your style, that’s what your bedroom pieces should be. We think this dresser is the perfect in between shade with simple classic lines to blend seamlessly into your farmhouse decor.

Farmhouse nightstands are a dime a dozen because almost any style fits. But if you want something truly unique, get out to your local thrift store and choose a vintage nightstand instead of store bought.{found on serenaandlily}.

Many fabric farmhouse pieces rely on textures like cotton and linen. For your farmhouse bedroom’s accent chair, choose a chair that is slipcovered… or at least looks that way. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just textured and comfy.

Eclectic Bedroom

Similar to the boho bedroom, eclectic bedrooms can also benefit greatly from white walls. In a space that is full of color and life, white walls provide a canvas to inspire and display. So when you start filling your eclectic bedroom with all kind of fun pieces, you don’t have to worry about clashing.{found on sfgirlbybay}.

Yes, it’s another rattan bed however this one is quite different. A real eye catcher among the myriad of colors and textures. So no matter how bright your bedspread is, you’ll always see that headboard first.

When the dresser surface is filled with colorful jewelry and perfume bottles, it’s nice to give your eyes a break in the same area. Exactly what this rattan dresser achieves. With its white glossy drawers, it creates the perfect neutral balance in your high intensity bedroom.

As the dresser exhibits, a bit of texture beside the bed wouldn’t go amiss either. This nightstand with it’s fun woven drawer gives you an interesting yet neutral base for your colorful eclectic lamp and your stack of books.

When all your other pieces are neutral, it’s time to have some fun with your eclectic bedroom’s accent chair. Pink is such a lovely shade to add to any bedroom and this chair would be a nice place to sit and relax at the end of a long day.

Kids Bedroom

Did you know how fun your child’s bedroom can be when you paint it white? Suddenly you have all the opportunity for bright cheerful furniture that will take the cake. Because every child deserves to be excited about their bedroom space.

How fun is this teal Jenny Lind bed? She will stand out beautifully against those white walls and set the flavor for the rest of your child’s bedroom. Not to mention all the cotton candy filled dreams their bound to have sleeping here.

Children’s bedrooms make the perfect spaces to indulge in the whimsical furniture and what could be more whimsical than this floral dresser. Not only will it store clothes and toys, it will be its own piece of art in your child’s bedroom.{found on anthropologie}.

Kids’ nightstands are usually full of things like a lamp, a glass of water, several books and a passel of dinosaurs. With so many treasures to hold, it’s important to choose a nightstand that will withstand the rough and tumble play it’s bound to receive. Drum style nightstands are sturdy and useful for kids’ bedrooms.{found on potterybarnkids}.

Choosing an accent chair for your child’s bedroom is probably based on their age. Infants require a rocking chair for soothing. Young children require something big and comfy for snuggling mommy and reading together. Older children might want something that reflects their independence more. Whatever you need, be sure the fabric is soft and welcoming for whatever child might rest in it.{found on finnishdesignshop}.



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