How To Bring Glamour Into The Living Room With A Silver Coffee Table

We’ve repeatedly emphasized just how beautiful and elegant a decor becomes when you add a few gold accents to it but we failed to mention that silver accents can have an impact just as strong on a space. We’ve actually talked a bit about mirrored furniture on a few separate occasions which is one of the options and today we’ve decided to focus on silver coffee tables. We did some research and these are some of the designs we’ve chosen to share with you.

Add glamour to a living space decorated with muted colors by introducing the Mirrage cocktail table. Its design simple is simple from a structural point of view yet that doesn’t stop it from being glamorous. The metallic silver trim mirrored finish allows this table to stand out no matter where you put it.

The brushed silver finish gives the Monarch coffee table a very chic look and the touch of sophistication required to stand out in any living room decor. The mirrored top and the decorative apron also help to add a little bit of drama to the design which is a blend of modern and retro influences.

This right here is the Lazio cocktail table, a very chic furniture piece with a silver mirror finish complemented by a matte silver trim. The base is made of iron tubes and the body of MDF. The studded trim and the faux leather handles on the two drawers ensure an eclectic look and give the table a lot of character.

They’re designed to be versatile and to suit numerous different settings and decors. This set of three tables is as practical and it is good-looking. They feature hexagon-shaped tops and X braces on each side. the top is made of clear tempered glass with polished edges and the base is made of tubular metal with a chromed finish. We like the contemporary simplicity of the Madanere set.

When introduced into a living room, a silver table can easily become a focal point so it’s important to look at the big picture and to try to keep the decor well-balanced. In this case, for instance, the tables contrast with the rest of the furniture pieces and accessories, being complemented by brown sofa modules and a tan-colored fluffy rug.

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In another scenario, a silver coffee table is used in combination with a light grey sofa and a pair of light beige armchairs. The area rug, the walls, the wooden flooring and even the artwork and the curtains also feature similar colors, making the table look pretty natural and at home in this room.

Check out how stylish this coffee table is. Its design is minimalist and modern and its top is glossy and black while its semi-spherical body is silver and metallic. Individually, both finishes and colors look distinguished and together they look even more sophisticated and elegant.

A silver table (or two in this case) can enhance the decor of a room without drawing too much attention. Silver is a rich color which denotes a sense of glamour and in some cases industrial charm. Of course, the finish and the texture are just as important as the color.

Isn’t this living room simply charming? It’s interesting that the only bright colors come from outside. The interior decor is limited to neutrals, more specifically to various tones of gray. At the center there’s this sculptural silver table which stands out thanks to its geometry but also to the fact that it reflects everything around it.

In this particular context, the silver coffee table gives the room a feminine allure, putting an emphasis on the softness of its lines and on the contrast between its soft curves and the linearity of the area rug. This type of contrast is actually at the core of the room’s entire design.

When decorating with multiple colors, prints, patterns and finishes, it’s nice to spread them out around the space and to avoid too much of an element in a single area. For instance, the silver table, the wall mirror, the fireplace and those decorative spheres on the floor share a thing or two in common but don’t stand all in the same spot.

Usually, a silver or mirrored table is a bright element in terms of color and finish. However, this living room is not that mainstream. The coffee table is actually one of the darkest decor elements in the room, contrasting with the white walls and ceiling as well as with the light-colored sofa and armchair.

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A living room needs a bit more than just a glamorous-looking coffee table in order to truly be exquisite. Take this one for instance. That silver table sure looks amazing but check out the silver curtains and those stylish wall mirrors too.

Putting a mirrored coffee table in the middle of a living area that has an odd layout or a small footprint is a neat trick which helps to make the space seem bigger and brighter. It draws the attention away from details that might stand out otherwise.

Silver is a rich and elegant color which is best used in small doses and that’s why it’s perfect for the living room coffee table. You can pair it with a lot of color nuances, like this peaceful shade of blue.

Let’s say you find certain details in your living room unaesthetic, like the chromed metal legs of an otherwise chic chair or the metallic finish on a floor lamp. You can make these detail look chic by coordinating them with a silver coffee table.

When you think about it, it’s harder to find think of a situation where would look bad or out of place than it is to find one where it fits and looks stylish. The style is not exactly important since there’s a ton of designs to choose from. Check out this traditional living room and its chic interior design.

In a way, mirrored furniture is similar to furniture pieces made of glass. Take this silver table for example. it’s a great choice for this small living area because it blends in by reflecting the colors around it and this allows it to give the impression of a larger space.

Think of silver as the accent color that does more than just contrast with the rest of the palette. It’s a color that stands out in a rather subtle way and that’s refined, sleek and glamorous in its own special way.



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