Hot Trend: Coffee Table Art

Your coffee table might be the place where you store clichéd coffee table books or perhaps it’s hardly the focus of the room. Here are design ideas to make your coffee table much more interesting, and perhaps also help you with a few organizational skills.

Turn the Tables.

Don’t have a coffee table for the living room? No problem! Use wooden stools or kitchen barstools as a resting place for a cup of coffee or books. This is a great way to breathe new life into seating options you no longer want. Voila! You have a cool coffee table.

Table on Wheels.Add Personality with Wheeled Coffee Tables

An industrial cart or trolley could double-up as a coffee table. It makes the room much more interesting, plus it makes it easy to clear the space if you need it. The coffee table on wheels is especially a good idea if you own a small living area.

Is it a Table? Is it a Door?Upcycled Items Become Fashionable Tables

Another creative upcycling trick: turn that old door into a coffee table! Talk about an original idea. The best part is that a door will give you a sturdy table that can hold many items.

Ottomans are the New Coffee Table.
Chameleon Furniture: Ottomans

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Ottomans seem to be a popular choice for modern coffee tables. Some even come with handy storage inside, which is perfect for all those bits and pieces that you want to hide when guests arrive. Ottomans in pretty textures and patterns are a stylish addition to your living area.

Cabinet Coffee.Furniture is a Decorative Coffee Table

There are other pieces of furniture that can be used as a coffee table, so unwrap your mind from the traditional table idea. A large armoire or cabinet can be a great coffee table idea. It comes with drawers that enable storage, and looks very decorative without you having to make it stylish. Choose a vintage piece for a burst of character into your modern space.

Mirrored Surface.Reflective Surfaces are a Décor Trend

Items that have become somewhat of a décor must-have are ones with mirrored surfaces. Make your coffee table artistic and eclectic by choosing one that reflects your stylish surroundings.

Touchscreen Tables.Computer Coffee Table Exudes Modern Style

At the forefront of technology, touchscreen coffee tables are a must if you love gadgets or want a futuristic décor design in your home. Now you can check the internet while enjoying a cup of coffee and never run out of conversation topics when your friends come around.

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