Handmade Storage Basket

Nothing compares to the handmade objects. They are unique, well done and perfect, no matter how simple or complicated they seem. The basket in the picture is handmade by skilled Aeta artisan weavers and once you see it, you try to picture the person who made it. The baskets in themselves are colorful and quirky, were crafted from sustainably harvested rattan  and repurposed plastic. It is interesting to realize the juxtaposition between the time-honored technique and modern materials.

Handmade in Philippines, these baskets are a thought-provoking storage space, it depends only on you and the way you imagine things in your house. If you choose the basket in the picture and you care about all the material things that you have at home, then you have to know that Zambales Storage Basket can turn into one of the most practical objects from your house, no matter if you decide to use it for papers, clothes or all kinds of objects.

You can have it for $68 you and then figure where to place it in your house, office, in your child’s room and its practical aspect. You chose according to your preferences and this is the most important thing, next to the fact that it was made by the hands of a skilled artisan weaver.

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