Handmade Senegalese Storage Baskets

When you think of storage solutions a lot of things come to your mind. Usually we think of dressers, cabinets, bookshelves, maybe boxes, chests etc. There’s no way you could actually think of a Senegalese Basket. Although it might not seem like a very convenient and practical storage solution, you might be surprised.

These unique items are handcrafted in Senegal from natural fiber and recycled plastic. Because they are hand made the color, size and even pattern varies from piece to piece. This means they might not look exactly like in the pictures when you get them, but it also means that you can be sure that every piece is unique and that there’s no other one alike.

The baskets come in three different sizes. There’s a small version measuring 15″ DIAM x 19″ H, a medium one measuring 18″ DIAM x 26″ H and also there’s a large basket with the dimensions 22″ DIAM x 30″ H. You can purchase them as a set of three, in which case they cost $290 or you can just choose one, purchasing them separately for a different price.

They can used to store all sorts of things like toys, craft supplies, linens and even laundry. It’s an unusual but very interesting and unique way of storing your things. Also, because of their unique look, they act as both decorative and functional items.

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