Hand carved Parat mirror

Inspired by the traditional Indian bowl called parat, these mirrors bring a new dimension to these historic elements. The parat is originally a big size round shaped utensil with side walls in which dough is kneaded. However, as we see now, this not its only use anymore. The Parat mirrors are a very simple but very elegant collection that would complement a lot of different interiors.

Hand carved of solid wood, the mirrors come in three different sizes that vary from 12’’ to 14’’diameter. Because they are hand crafted, each mirror has individual characteristics that make it unique. Also, the mirrors have a very beautiful antique look and they present individuals marks of use and history. The collection features three mirrors but they are sold individually. Each one can be purchased for EUR 57.81. The quantities are limited.

The Parat mirror is a great accessory that would add an antique flavor to any interior. They have a very simple design, which makes them versatile and allows them to look equally beautiful wherever the user might choose to place them. You can purchase only one or you can buy several mirrors and create an original combination on your wall. They are easy to hang and easy to clean. Even though their antique look doesn’t allow them to be included in houses that have a more modern or contemporary design, they are still a very precious accessory.

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