Gym Mat Coffee Table

Now this is one example of a think that I don’t necessarily like very much. Not because they don’t suit my taste, or because they don’t look good but because it’s something that doesn’t fit very well in its new purpose. There are tons of great examples of salvaged things that still look very good, they kept their authenticity and are currently used as something else. This one for instance I don’t think that will make such a great coffee table.

It has the right colors, the right size but it lacks something, I don’t know yet what exactly doesn’t make this a great coffee table. Probably the fact that the table’s top was a 20th-century gym mat. Of course this entire thing is a reproduction but somehow I still don’t feel like serving any drink from it.

I can’t figure it out why this thing wasn’t destined to the “sitting sphere” where definitely would made a very good impression, because like I said, it looks good, it feels good and the bare metal frame make it perfect for sitting down and serving coffee from o real table. The table base measures 65”W x 33”D x 20”H and the mat top 64”W x 32”D x 2”H. The final sale price was settle for $739 and right now is up to you if you like or not. If you do and you have the right place to put it, please make sure that is not going to be mistaken with something that is not.

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