Gus Modern Truss Chair

A chair is just a chair. This is what most people think and they do not pay too much attention to details. The only thing they care about is the price and the design of the chair, as they want the piece of furniture to match the other things in the house. Well, every once in a while you see a beautiful chair and you can’t stop admiring it and then you notice all the details and they make you love it even more. This Gus Modern Truss Chair is not a simple chair but a work of art if you ask me. It is designed in a mid-century style and looks great, but there’s more to it than these features.

The most striking detail is the wonderful wooden frame of the chair. It is made of solid natural oak and all the parts are skillfully joined together using the work of the Sarasota School of Architecture. You can see straight lines and angles combined with leaning angles and lines and you will not see a nail or an ugly joining. The back rest and the back legs of the chair are comfortably oblique and offer the best position ever. The chair is covered with nice fabric in green or white and everything looks just fine as a whole. The item is now available in online stores for $716.

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