Grid Coat Rack

The first thing that I bought when I moved into my home was a coat rack because we did not have a closet to store the clothes, so we suddenly realized coat racks are actually important, even if most of the times nobody notices them. Well, this Grid Coat Rack is a bit unusual, something different from all the coat racks I have seen so far. It is made of iron and aluminum and it has a grid design, hence the name. It needs to be hanging on the wall, either in horizontal or vertical position, depending on your needs and the shape and size of the place where you put it. It is easy to mount on the wall and it has a nice and “invisible” keyhole mechanism that helps you with this.

The coats will be hung on the seven disk pegs that are displayed in a zig-zag model on the metallic grid, leaving the colour of the wall being seen through the grid. The coat rack is simple, but nice and it has a certain patina that gives it an antique look. The item is made in India, but it ships everywhere in the world as long as you purchase it online for $79.95.

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