Golden Coffee Tables That Bring Glamor Into Your Life

The coffee table occupies an important role in any living space, often serving as a focal point for the room. It’s why many choose to opt for a unique coffee table or one that stands out, whether it’s through an eye-catching shape, an interesting material or finish, color or even its simplicity. Low coffee tables are particularly popular nowadays. If you want your coffee table to add glamor to your home, try a golden one.

Simple, sleek and elegant, this coffee table has a thin golden frame and a white marble top although the design is also available with a glass or a mirror top. It’s the type of chic accessory you can use in almost any type of décor.{found on huntedinterior}.

Unable to find a golden coffee table that you like or can afford? No worries. You can make your own. All you need to do is find a table that you like, get some gold spray paint and give it a makeover.{found on olivelaneinteriors}.

Thin and simple, this glass top coffee table is complemented by a golden pouf and a blue velvet couch and the balance created this way allows a glamorous vibe to take over the space.

Part sculpture and part functional piece of furniture, this golden table looks best when used in sets of three or more. It’s a perfect addition to an eclectic living room. The design, size and shape offer it versatility so you’d also be able to use it in others parts of the home as well.

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You can take a simple tree trunk coffee table and spray paint it golden. It may not be the perfect accessory for the living room but it would look beautiful outdoors on the deck or terrace, by a comfy daybed or armchair.

Consider a golden coffee table or a set of two for a living room that features a color palette based on bright, sunny tones. The result will be a beautiful mix of similar colors and accents but with different finishes, textures and materials.

Given how versatile the color is, a coffee table with a golden finish can integrate equally well in a modern, traditional, vintage or eclectic décor. This is an example of how a traditional setting can be organized around such an accent piece.{found on svdesign}.

Even though it’s at the center of the room, the coffee table itself is not the focal point in this case. Its thin golden frame and glass top give it a very delicate allure which combined with the bold accent colors and prints creates a perfect balance.

Of course, if you want this accessory to be the main attraction in the décor, try something like this: a collection of golden coffee tables featuring different shapes and sizes, all arranged in a cluster in front of a gorgeous velvety sofa.

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