Gold Coffee Tables With Trendy And Sophisticated Designs

Right now gold and other metallic finish are very trendy so if you think they’re too bold or daring for you, all we’re trying today is that you should give them a chance. There are a lot of ways to use gold in interior design and decor without creating an opulent or kitschy look.

Gold Coffee Tables

A gold coffee table can, for example, be a stylish focal point for the living room and you can pair it with a simple and classic sofa and a neutral area rug for a nice balance. Let’s see what your options are in terms of stylish gold coffee table designs.

Gold Coffee Tables Available on The Market

The design of the Plumeria coffee table is a bit different in the sense that t’s mostly white with gold accents. The cross leg base and the drawer pulls are gold and they add an elegant and refined touch to the design which is clean and modern, with a sculptural flair to it.

The Cairo coffee table has a clean and polished look, featuring a pedestal base that’s cone-shaped and a round top made of white marble. The base has a textured gold finish and gives the table a sophisticated mid-century modern vibe.

Here’s another beautiful coffee table which blends together marble and gold. The Vanda table has a charm of its own with this eye-catching gold base that curved inwards giving it a unique look. The marble top adds elegance to the design and gives the table a timeless look.

If you like the idea of a little bit of gold in the décor but you don’t want a coffee table that stands out too much, a design like this one would be just right. The Hulbert Frame coffee table has a slender metal base with a gold finish and a white top. It has a minimal aesthetic with clean and simple lines and no ornamental details at all.

The Northgate coffee table is elegant and sophisticated and the gold finish is just one of the reasons why. The design in general is quite sleek and modern. The table has a tripod base with slender metal legs that are interconnected and a tray top with a matching finish and a round shape.

Round coffee tables in general tend to look a bit more sophisticated and to have a graceful aesthetic. The Wasser table is a nice representation of that. Its design is quite simple. It features a cross leg metal base with a gold finish which supports a circular top made of clear tempered glass. It’s a nice fit for the living room, a good complement to the sofa without taking up a lot of floor space.

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This is quite an unusual design for a coffee table, even without the eye-catching gold frame. The Axel table has an unusual geometry which stands out, featuring a rectangular top but also two small additional surfaces on the sides below the top. The frame continues downwards to support the whole piece.

It’s fairly common now to have not just a single coffee table but a set of nesting tables. It’s a way to save space and to have a more flexible type of layout. The Thiam nesting tables come in a pair of two and they have matching designs in different sizes. They both feature a sleek metal frame with an elegant gold finish and circular glass tops.

You might have also noticed that we have quite a few coffee tables with cross leg bases. It’s a design that suits most styles and looks really beautiful. The Sezis coffee table is yet another stylish example. It has round faux marble top and a gold frame made of metal which allows it to be so slender and lightweight in the first place.

In addition to its stylish and chic design, the Marshfield coffee table also offers the advantage of being foldable. You can store it away when you don’t need it which makes it great for small spaces or for occasional use outdoors on a terrace or a patio. Moreover, the top can be detached and used as a serving tray.

A designer made Gold Coffee Tables 

Empire coffee table from Bocadolobo

The Empire coffee table is built from mahogany wood and features a polished brass surface with large visible cracks. The cracks are hand-carved and meant to emphasise the organic and natural beauty of the wood. The gold finish details give the table a sophisticated and expressive look.

Eden Coffee Table in Gold from Bocadolobo

The Eden table is also a refined and luxurious piece designed to reference the tree of knowledge and the concept of desire. It’s made of melted metal with a gold-plated finish. The entire piece is made of polished casted brass and the top is engraved making it look like the table is a piece out of a very old and golden tree.

Mirrored Lapiaz Coffee table with Gold interior from Bocadolobo

In the case of the Lapiaz table, the name says it all. Lapiaz is a french term which describes a geologic rock formation produced by the dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. The table captures the beauty of such cracked stone formations, revealing a rich gold interior. It’s important to mention that this table is composed out of three separate modules which fit together like puzzle pieces and is available in several different finishes and combinations such as polished brass and polished stainless steel.

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Showing that the inspiration for a great design can come from anywhere, this gold coffee table designed by Brett Beldock was inspired by a Saint Laurent cuff from the ’70s. In a way, it makes sense since furniture is like jewelry for our homes. The design of the table is classy, simple and luxurious, featuring hand-hammered base panels and a stainless steel sheet top with a perfectly smooth and shiny surface. Needless to say, you should use coasters on the Cuff table.

The Manilla Hammered Barrel Coffee Table is a very stylish piece with a modern and simple design and lots of character. It’s round and it has a hammered brass finish which gives it a unique texture. The top has a delicate rim which prevents items from falling off, being a sort of built-in tray.

Meet Felix, a classy and elegant coffee table with tapered legs and exquisite blends of metal and wood. The frame is available in bright light gold, matte Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome and matte satin bronze. The top can come in a variety of other options includes glossy and matte ebony, Canaletto walnut, glossily lacquered ivory, bronze and smoky mirror, black glass and ten different types of marble.

Part of the Milano series, this low rectangular coffee table has a gold leaf finish which gives it an exquisite and luxurious appearance while also highlighting its unique and elegant form. The table looks as if it has a built-in cloth over it except it’s not made of fabric but is a part of the table’s frame structure. This design was created by Statilio Ubiali.

The contemporary Caulfield coffee tables are now available in two new finishes one of which is a beautiful polished light gold. This gives the tables an elegant and refined appearance which is further emphasized by the beautiful round tops made of black glass with a lacquer finish.



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