Glass Top Nina Table by Phil Proctor

This is Nina. Nina is a very lovely coffee table with an intriguing design. It features a transparent glass top and an angular wooden base. Since the circular top is as neutral and minimalist as possible, the base inevitably becomes the star of the design. It’s not only because it’s the only colored piece of the table but also because of its shape and design.

The Nina table was designed by Phil Proctor. It features a minimalist design that makes it a very chic piece of furniture, something that would look lovely in a stylish living room. It’s the type of item that impresses with what it lacks. In this case that’s everything from color to pattern and accent details. What it does have is style and a surprising design. The table features a clear glass top with a circular shape that sits on a sleek wooden base.

The base of the table is the most impressive element. It’s a very sleek structure, an angular element composed of three pieces that sit in perfect balance. They form an equilateral triangle in the middle that is visible from above. The three pieces are strategically positioned in perfect balance and provide a sturdy and durable base for the table. They feature a natural wood finish and the base is handmade. This means that each table is unique and has its own particularities.

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