Glass Top Dunn Cocktail Table

Glass top tables have always been my favorite type of tables. Usually they add elegance to a room, have a refined design and are perfect for any modern space. They can also be moved easily and do not take too much space of a room. Their glass top makes them look fragile although they are very solid. Elegance, refinement and high quality are their main features which make them so appreciated by many people. They will transform a dull space into a more beautiful and attractive one.

This Glass Top Dunn Cocktail Table is also an elegant and modern table which has a simple design but a dynamic shape. It was made in Vermont and though its components seem so distinctive they are joined in a harmonious way. The base of this cocktail table can be made of solid cherry or walnut with a lacquer finish which will offer the product durability, strength and protection.

Any modern living room can enjoy such an elegant piece where you can put your cup of coffee, your favorite magazine or a refreshing cocktail glass.

$499.00 is the attractive price of this lovely piece of furniture which will make the difference between an empty room and an elegant and modern one. Its dynamic design and airy structure will make you think of those fragile but solid flying objects that seem to enchant our eyes and senses. It looks like a flying object which has just landed on the surface of your room and ready to take you anywhere you please.

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