Glass Coffee Table With Chrome Base

In my opinion people made their first tables because they needed some solid furniture to put the food on. In time there have been a lot of new kinds of tables, more or less sophisticated, bigger or smaller, made of wood, metal, stone or some other strange materials. So basically a table is meant to be functional. However, coffee tables are sort of special because they have more of a decorative [purpose. They may be useful every now and then when you have company and serve them with a cup of coffee, tea or some cookies. That is why people invented coffee tables like this beautiful Glass Coffee Table With Chrome Base from Modani, that is a real work of art and which is eye-cathing.

First of all this coffee table is not supposed to be covered in order to let everybody admire its shiny chrome base which is admirably combined with the modern glass top for a very cool modern look. Then it does not have legs, but the glass top is secured by two squares that replace the legs. Actually its name is Caterina Glass coffee table and it is manufactured by Modani. It is made of stainless steel with a chrome finish and a tempered glass top. It is perfect for any modern living room and its minimalist design is great for my taste. The item is now available for $290.

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