Ghost Rectangular Dining Crystal Table

Many years ago the wood dinner tables were the most common and the most fashionable items that you could see in a house. Meanwhile as technology has progressed, other materials have been chosen for their fabrication. Thus glass or crystal became to be used and designers created wonderful decorative tables or dinner tables. I remember that the first time I saw such a beautiful glass table I was so fascinated and impressed by its appearance and design.

Ghost is such an example but as you can guess we do not refer to a real ghost. It is the name for a modern crystal dining table which has a rectangular shape and gets impressive sizes. It can be extended from 180cm to 260 cm due to its patented system which allows two extensions of 40 cm for each stretch.

Ghost by ITDD has a chrome metal structure which contrasts the clear glass plan. This plan 12mm thick is made of tempered glass and together with its legs 19 mm thick provide strength and stability this piece of furniture. If you want a different version of this table you may also choose from its plan which can be clear glass with light green reflections or one extra white tempered glass version which is also transparent but with no reflections.

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Ghost is a modern and useful item which can fit any modern interior and become the eye catching piece for every guest of your house rather than a “scaring ghost”. It will definitely haunt the mind of everybody who will begin to think of buying such a piece.



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