Get rid of all your burdens and transfer them onto the Clip Tree

When you get home, the first thing you want to do is get rid of your bag, purse, coat, scarf, phone and anything else you’ve carrying with you all day. You should have a handy place to put all those things, preferably on the hallway so that you can enter your home feeling relaxed and free from all burdens. It seems that the Clip Tree was designed to allow you to do exactly that.

The Clip Tree is a configurable valet and it’s something that would be useful in homes, offices and even hotel rooms. As you can see, its design was inspired by the early hall trees and coat stands. It takes the basic elements from those, combines them and offers a perfectly balanced and versatile piece of furniture that from which all the family can benefit. The Clip Tree was designed to hold onto all the accessories and all the things we usually carry with us during the day. These things include items such as cell phones, scarves, messenger bags, raincoats and other similar objects.

This versatile and configurable piece is made from rubberized plastic clips in combination with maple or walnut. It has a simple but strong construction and a very friendly look. It’s modern and versatile and would make a very helpful addition to the hallway of your home or in the office. It’s a chic and elegant way of displaying and storing your accessories. The Clip Tree measures 26.5″(h) with the OD of dowel being 1.25’’ and the wall offset 2’’. Several color combination are available.

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