Geometric Shaped Mirrors

Probably since ever mirrors are used for a double purpose; they are functional, obviously and they look good as well.  Most of the mirrors I saw that were used strictly as decoration were in clubs, where they reflect light and created the sensation of a bigger space. Now, these irregular shaped mirrors are something else but in a way, the same. The new geometric mirror collection from Ozzio consists of wonderful sculptural pieces and they could be the perfect choice for a modern, contemporary entryway.

The possibilities don’t stop here though, if you want to make a bold statement in places like your living room or, why not your open space dining area, these mirrors will accomplish that with no problems.  I was always a fan of irregular shapes but in a place where they can add some value the interior by bringing fresh tones and accents of modern times. I also like these mirrors because of their glass covered frame, this fact reminds me of the sky scrapers, probably the most outstanding signs of evolution and modernism.

Given the fact that this collection is made entirely of fragile materials but kind of easy to work with, you can order then in various sizes and, they can be installed in any direction you want as well. Keep your interior simple, because very often less is more.

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