Furniture With Simple Yet Outstanding Designs And Lots Of Character

The search for the perfect furniture piece for a particular space can prove to be a never-ending quest with more possible endings than you can imagine. With so many cool designs to choose from, picking a single one can often seem like an impossible task. The hard part is always making a selection and differentiating the outstanding designs from all the mainstream ones. Every once in a while we like to look back at all the new discoveries we made. These are the latest things that caught our eye.

The Y Chair has been on our radar for quite some time. Its name is a very good indicator of what makes the design special. This is a chair with a sculptural and angular design. The seat and backrest are a continuous element which bends like a piece of origami paper, being optimized for increased comfort and ergonomic appeal. The base comes in two versions, either with wooden legs or an aluminum swivel mechanism.

The Seamless Collection by the Zaha Hadid studio is imprinted in our mind, like many other creations signed by the late architect over the years. The collection is defined by artistic curves, smooth lines and irregular asymmetrical shapes which stand out without being opulent. The focus here is on the Swash cabinet which features a beautiful gloss finish and two drawers that become a seamless part of the unit. The Gyre chair is displayed at the back and it too impresses with its glamorous and refined design.

The LL04 lounge chair by Maarten van Severen is the opposite of smooth since its curves are almost inexistent. Its design is linear and minimalist, with a hint of Scandinavian appeal. Despite the straight angles and lines, this lounge chair is surprisingly comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Moreover, the built-in armrest can function perfectly as a side table.

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Like many other modern tables, Lambda has an eye-catching base and a simple top. It’s a combination that works well and which is sometimes taken to the extreme. What we like about this particular table is the balance between the fluid form of the sculptural base and the elegance of the smoked glass top. It’s a dining table worthy of being the center of attention.

This is one of the elements from the Ciottolo collection which is a series of versatile seating modules designed by Verter Turroni for Imperfetto Lab. The modules have organic forms and fluid and minimalist designs which make them suitable for a variety of different settings and decors. Like the name of the series suggests, they resemble pebbles. This is a large module which, despite its size, is very lightweight. That’s because the entire collection is made out of fiberglass which makes it a good fit for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Simplicity is also what we like most about the Pause armchair which is also designed by Imperfetto Lab. It too has a fiberglass structure, featuring a fluid and smooth shell which envelops the user and offers a comfortable backrest. The circular shell and backrest and upholstered in leatherette. The chair has four thin and tapered legs which contrast with the robust yet lightweight shell.

It was originally designed in the late 1950s but it’s still an extraordinary piece of furniture, even today. The Albero bookcase was re-released a while ago and was recently launched in a limited edition featured in olive wood. It’s a simple yet very special piece of furniture. The bookcase is designed as a tower connected to the floor and the ceiling, with compartments attached to a central pole, like the branches of a tree.

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How could a mirror stand out, right? Don’t underestimate this basic accessory as there are many interesting designs which can prove you wrong. The Mini Groove series is a perfect example. The geometry of these mirrors sets them apart and turns them into stylish accent pieces. There are many other cool examples. Check out this funky mirror with its unusual form and eye-catching frame.

A lot of lighting fixtures become focal points for the spaces they are in yet few are as impressive and as dramatic as the Stream chandelier. Designed by Christian Lava, this extraordinary fixture is handmade out of over 7 kilometers of metal chain suspended from an undulating frame. The chain cascades down in tiers and projects light and shadow on the space around it.

We’ve seen a ton of great console tables, one more beautiful than the other. While some impress with their opulence and intricate designs, the Karamel console is a perfect blend of elegance and simplicity. Its design puts together a minimalist wooden top and a steel base with smooth arches. It’s a piece that’s modern with a classic vibe and a little bit of Art Deco charm.



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