Furniture Arrangements That Include Square Coffee Tables

Picking a coffee table is not as easy as you might think. It’s not just a piece of furniture that stands in front of your sofa. So, before you make a decision, you have to think about things like shape, size, material, color, function and many others. The shape of the coffee table can be dictated by a number of things.

The combination of four armchairs and a square coffee table at the center is cleverThe dimensions of the coffee table should suit the roomIf you also want some storage, pick a table with a shelf underneathTo fill a large void at the center, pick a big but low table to maintain spaciousnessAnd to avoid cluttering up a room, opt for a glass or acrylic coffee table

The coffee table can blend in so if you have a sofa with rounded edges and curved lines, a table that shapes the same characteristics would fir right in. if the rest of the décor is linear, simple and focused on clean shapes and lines then perhaps a square or a rectangular coffee table would be a nice choice. Square coffee tables are particularly versatile because they suit a variety of styles and decors.

A table with a thin, almost unnoticeable base allows the room to look airyA square table can be ideal for certain types of sectional sofasIf it’s too small for the proportions of the sofa, the table can look out of placeThe coffee table can blend in if it matches the rug, sofa or wallsOr it can stand out if it adds a splash of color to the room

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A square coffee table is perfect for a space that only has armchairs placed around it or where there’s a small, two-seater sofa and some extra seats. It also works well when combined with sectionals. Things are a bit more difficult in the case of long sofas or sectionals. A square coffee table may look out of place in such a setting but not if it has the right proportions.

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