Functional With A Twist – Wooden Desk Spirals Out Of Proportions

A common characteristic of modern furniture is the ability to blend aesthetics and function in stunning designs. However, few manage to do it as stunningly as this one-of-a-kind desk. Called Manug Celestii, this is a creation by designer Joseph Walsh who basically came up with a new style.

The desk resembles a free form sculpture with a spiraling shape. But far from being purely decorative, it also incorporates a number of shelves and, of course, the actual desk. It’s a wonderful piece to fill the room with. Of course, it would look best in large and open spaces. The desk gets to be placed in the center of the space and then it spirals around and gets to fill the whole room. A large shelf extends along the wall so the placement has to be precise.

The line between function and form becomes a blur and this magnificent piece made of layers of ash wood gets to make a strong statement. The desk was created for the design exhibition at the New Art Centre in Wiltshire, UK and it’s a site-specific creation which explores the connection between aesthetics and function and marries the two together in a unique and otherworldly design.

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