From A Spacious Desk Into A Cozy Bed In Just A Second

It’s a new year and plenty of work to be done but, even though there is plenty of enthusiasm, it will eventually fade away and you’ll just want to hide under the desk and take a nap like George did in Seinfeld. But, unlike him, you won’t have to improvise because someone already thought of combining the two pieces of furniture: the desk and the bed.

This is a desk that can transform into a bed in just a few seconds.It’s a perfect solution for small spaces but also for work spaces. The flexibility of the design allows you to save lots of space. For example, you could put this desk in a corner of the room and feel free to decorate the rest of the space in any way you want. You won’t be needing a bed so there’s a lot more freedom to be enjoyed.

But let’s see how the design actually works. Basically all you have to do is press a button and the transformation process from desk to bed begins. The mattress is unveiled by a rotating mechanism and sheets latch to the underside of the table when it turns upside down. As you can see, it’s all simple and smart. The workbed allows you to sleep and work in the same place although it’s not advised to mix the two very often.{found on Mira Freunde von Freunden}.

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